Piano Service

The piano is a complex musical instrument that uses mechanisms not found in any other device.When broken down to its elements, a piano seems to simply behave according to the rules of physics like most machines do. However, it is somewhat more complex than most machinery in the sense that it combines an unusual number of components which are subject to the vagaries of changing moisture content of the air and its temperature, as well as time itself. Because of these facts, particular training, knowledge, tools, and techniques are required in the art of piano tuning. Rick Pedro is a trained professional and specializes not only in tuning pianos, but also will rebuild, restore and refurbish your piano.

• Regular Piano Tunings Can Prevent Serious Damage
Pianos are complex instruments; if one part performs sub-par, the overall quality of the instrument suffers. Bad tuning can be a symptom of another problem, and out-of-tune strings are probably the most annoying indicators that you are in need of an overall tune-up.

Regular piano tunings can also prevent damage. Correct (and constant) string tension is important to the health of many delicate piano parts - parts which are very expensive to fix. Tunings help these parts work together smoothly, preventing damage to (and from) neighboring pieces.

If your piano has gone two or more years without a tuning, it might require corrective treatments (adding anywhere from $50-$250 to your bill). Here are two common procedures used to fix severely bad tuning:

•Pitch-Raising is a pre-tuning process that prepares the strings to be tuned. If done incorrectly, this technique can negatively impact the piano's timbre, (the unique quality of an instrument's sound; its "voice.") sacrifice proper string vibration, and cause a twang or rattle if the strings have interference.
•Double-Tuning is when a general, overall tuning is performed before a fine-tuning. The first tuning is crucial because the tuning process itself can cause weak strings to go out-of-tune; starting off with a fine-tuning would be a tremendous waste of time on severely out-of-tune strings.

Felts wear out over time and dust accumulates in every crack and crevice of the piano. Replacing felts and removal of dust make a significant difference in the sound of the piano without a large investment by the client